December 4th, 2006

Pensive Bones

World War Z Community

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Nearly a decade after the end of official hostilities investigative journalist Max Brooks published his novel World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War. It was his hope to offer a more personal look of the war that had been left out of the official United Nations Postwar Commision Report.

Countering the cold, statistical information presented by the UNPCR, the book was heralded with rave reviews not only in the United States where it was originally published but around the world. The raw interviews presented offer the human side of a war that was often far too in-human. The interviews represent a wide spectrum of survivors and provide a sample of the extraordinary survival stories common in the postwar era.

However, with Zack still a threat in numerous parts of the world, we cannot afford to forget the costs and struggles that came with this war. There are millions of zombies still stalking along the bottom of the ocean and Iceland still remains the worst infected white zone on Earth. There are still a great number of threats to the human race and we cannot afford to let another war break out.

worldwarz was created as an extension of the grand endeavours of Mr. Brooks. We would like to collect as many personal accounts, interviews, audio clips, photographs, illustrations, and video clips as possible to document the events of the war.

We welcome any and all to share their stories.

With your contributions, the war may never be forgotten.